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Why a web app?
A web app will reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your website: refining eCommerce experience is all about reducing the different layers on your website to make it simpler and faster for customers to buy your products. A web app does not have to be developed based on your device model as it is compatible with every mobile or tablets. Simply think of it as a website you would browse, but with a mobile-friendly interface.

How can I install Shoperize on my eCommerce website?
Simply by contacting us and presenting your business! We will analyze your eCommerce and stats in order to make sure you can truly benefit from Shoperize. As of now, Shoperize is compatible with Magento, PrestaShop, Big Commerce and Shopify – either installed directly on your site or in SAAS mode. Once we'll be sure that you can benefit from our solution we will be ready to go!

What if I am using a different eCommerce platform than the ones Shoperize already works with?
Depending on the solution you are using, NewQuest could eventually decide to make Shoperize also compatible with your preferred platform. Ultimately, we would like to make as many platforms as we can compatible with Shoperize. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can talk about it.

What if I have ideas for improving Shoperize!
You will probably hurt our web designers' egos but that's ok! No one is perfect and we are always open to suggestions to make our solution better. As a matter of fact, we already have clients pointing us in this direction as they would like us to go deeper into Shoperize's customizable features.

Is Shoperize only for eCommerce?
Not only! We actually designed Shoperize to be a "connector": a mobile solution making your business accessible in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Shoperize is compatible with eCommerce websites but also with light & complex CMS.

What if I am a developer and would like to connect my solution with Shoperize?
First, if you are a (very) good developer: send us your resume; we are always looking for new talents! Second, we will soon release Shoperize's API that will allow you to work directly on its interface once your account created. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Does Shoperize work with every online checkout?
Unfortunately, not all online checkouts are "mobile friendly": very often users have to zoom three times to see the payment form. We are looking forward adding more online checkouts to Shoperize. If you are working for a company in this branch and interested in Shoperize: please do contact us.

Does Shoperize work with every shipping solution?
The answer is the same as for the online checkout: every shipping solution presents a different degree of complexity that we are trying to make compatible with Shoperize. If you are working for a company in this branch and interested in Shoperize: please do contact us.

I still would like to have a "traditional" downloadable app: Is it possible with Shoperize?
Even though this is not our main recommendation: yes, it is totally possible! Thanks to PhoneGap we can transform your Shoperize into a native app. We also can publish your customized Shoperize on iTunes and Google Play, or give you all the elements to do it yourself

What's next for Shoperize?
Good question! Now that the first version has been released we are working on future developments in order to develop a version 2.0 that will be even better!

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