Who we are?

Shoperize has been designed & developed by the NewQuest team! . NewQuest is a Web agency that was created in 2007, and now has offices on three different continents: Philadelphia, USA; Chambery, France (HQ); and Sydney, Australia.

NewQuest is a full service web agency dedicated to providing state-of-the-art internet tools and services to its customers. We are a young and dynamic team of 40 people with an expansive area of expertise including: website design & development, web & mobile application, eCommerce solutions, graphic design, social media, online platform, email marketing, and many more! Our team covers 3 different time zones in order to provide the best quality and time efficiency to our clients.

Our team of experts always is looking for new challenge and this is why we developed Shoperize. Using our strong eCommerce expertise, we decided to create Shoperize to provide a simple, adaptable, and very efficient solution for eCommerce businesses to be accessible on mobile devices and tablets, thus gaining new customers and increasing their conversion rate.

Shoperize is the fruit of hard work, intelligence and observation of M-Commerce trends and state of the art web technologies.

We really are hoping and looking forward that Shoperize will play a role in the constant evolution of eCommerce and web technologies!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to help us promote Shoperize, if you have any questions, if you think you might need our services, or simply to say hello!


- The NewQuest Team -